Leaders in Manufacturing Techniques

Manufacturing techniques, yarns, colours, yarn shapes and texture have helped excel  artificial grass to a new dimension. The most realistic ever not just in their visual appearance but also in their soft touch feel and their strength and durability. Perfect for the whole family including the kids and the pets. And perfect for all year around.

Specialists in Artificial Grass

At First for Grass we only sell artificial grass, this is our core competence and area of expertise.  And as far as being experts, we’ve been developing artificial grass for longer than most and have been instrumental in helping this category develop over the past 10 years or more.

Our founder and co-owner has been involved in the textile industry all of his working life and has held senior commercial roles in national UK companies.

Simplified offering

We understand how easy it is to become confused with the raft of choice from so many products; in some cases we believe less is more, particularly when the offer presented doesn’t have any weaknesses.

So at First for Grass we have simplified our offering, everyone of our qualities will not only meet but  hopefully exceed your expectations. 

The total weight of the product is a key factor in ensuring you achieve a great looking and hard wearing  finished project . We therefore recommend to our customers that they should focus not just on the height of the pile but also the total weight of the product.


Our Foxbury quality at just £12 per square metre has a pile height of 28mm and the total weight of the product is just under 2.5kg per square metre, this is a great combination of pile height and total weight and represents great value.


Greenway is just over 2.6kg per square metre and has a pile height of 30mm. At just £14 per square metre Greenway is a great choice.


We referenced yarn and its developing technology. Like any textile product some yarns are more expensive than others. Oakhurst is manufactured using this latest multi shaped softer yarn, it looks realistic and is extremely resilient, resulting in a fantastic overall visual appearance.

With a pile height of 25mm and the total weight at just under 2.6kg per square metre and at just £15 per square metre Oakhurst is sure to be a best seller in 2019.


SpringHill, Lavington and Hawksmoor are all manufactured using the latest technology. As you progress through the range you will see and feel the difference in the various qualities.

SpringHill has a pile height of 38mm and a total weight in excess of 3.0 kg per square metre.


Lavington has a pile height of 35mm and a total weight in excess of 3.0 kg per square metre.


Hawksmoor  with a 40mm pile height and a total weight of 3.5kg per square metre is the heaviest quality on offer and as you would expect is high in density, soft to touch, very durable and extremely realistic. Hawksmoor is offered at the sensational price of just £19 per square metre.

Whichever product you select from First for Grass you won’t be disappointed.

We wish you every success with your grass project, we’re available to answer any of your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and  please order some free samples to see and feel the qualities for yourself.