DIY Installation

With careful planning, installing artificial grass is a task any home DIYer can achieve. Here’s our step-by-step guide of how to carry out the work.


1) Remove turf

and any other existing plant growth from the installation site to a depth of 100mm.


2) Create an edge around the boundary

with treated timber, knock wooden stakes into the corners to support the edging boards.


3) Create a sub base

by spreading a layer of MOT hardcore to a depth of 50mm. Compact and level the sub base using a whacker plate / compactor.


4) Lay a weed controlling membrane

on top of the sand, overlapping the joints by 200mm.


5) Spread sharp builders sand

to a depth of 50mm and compact using a whacker plate / compactor.


6) Lay the grass

starting from one corner lining up with the edge of the timber. Make sure the grass is taught and there are no lumps and bumps.


7) Secure the grass to the frame

Using straight pin nails roughly every 20cm and trim the edges of the grass to the edge of your timber border.


8) Lay the next roll of grass

Ensuring that the pile is facing in the same direction.


9) Lay joining tape and apply glue

By folding the edges of both pieces of grass back a couple inches and placing the joining tape in the gap with the waterproof side facing down. Apply glue in a zigzag shape if you are using the non-adhesive tape.


10) Fold the grass onto the tape

Making sure the edges of your grass line up seamlessly together. Lay a length of timber onto the join with some heavy objects on top to ensure the grass is firmly applied to the tape


11) Admire your finished project

Stand back and admire your finished project. If you have any further questions about how to install your lawn feel free to contact us.